Special Thanks

A lot of free services and open source libraries have helped this project become possible. This page aims to give credit where its due; if you were left out, I’m sorry! Please let me know!


Thank you to the following people who generously contributed their time and brainpower towards writing code that was merged into the library.


Thank you to the free hosting provided by these services!

Design Resources

Thank you to Matthew Beckler, who designed the logic gate SVGs present in tt’s logo.

Third Party Libraries Shipped with tt

Thank you to the developers of the following third party libraries that are wrapped in and shipped with tt. Your hard work drives some of the most powerful functionality of tt.


Thanks goes to the developers of the PyEDA and pycosat libraries, whose interface and design are inspirations behind a lot of the functionality packed in tt.

Open Source Projects & Libraries

tt relies on some well-written and well-documented projects and libraries for its development, listed below. Thank you!