tt’s command-line interface.

cli.core module

Core command-line interface for tt.


Get the parsed command line arguments.

Parameters:args (List[str], optional) – The list of command line args to parse; if left as None, sys.argv will be used.
Returns:The Namespace object returned by the ArgumentParser.parse_args function.
Return type:argparse.Namespace

The main routine to run the tt command-line interface.

Parameters:args (List[str], optional) – The args argument to be passed to the get_parsed_args function.
Returns:The exit code of the program.
Return type:int

cli.utils module

Utilities for the tt command-line interface.

tt.cli.utils.print_err(*args, **kwargs)

A thin wrapper around print to print to stderr.

tt.cli.utils.print_info(*args, **kwargs)

A thin wrapper around print.